Personal Development

In Personal Development, pupils will explore a wide range of topics to prepare them for
the world beyond school.

Schemes of learning are rooted in the National Curriculum and PSHE Association aims, entailing a wide range of knowledge regarding health, relationships, and wider citizenship. Pupils will return to prior topics throughout their time at school, to ensure that learning from KS3 is built upon and developed through their GCSE years and time at sixth form. Through these sessions, pupils will build a strong understanding of life beyond the classroom and be resilient to the challenges that they may face. Pupils will be assessed at the end of each half term to check their knowledge and understanding of topics whilst enabling them to recognise areas of strength and weakness.  

Units in KS3, will explore topics such as health (healthy eating, dangers of tobacco, mental health, etc.), relationships (friendships, the role of parents, etc.) and citizenship (rule of law and democracy in the UK). In year 9, pupils will also begin to consider careers in these sessions alongside the wider careers program. This study of careers will continue in KS4, as pupils begin to consider their future, whilst further developing their knowledge of health, citizenship and relationships.  

KS5 will explore these topics further, though sessions will focus explicitly on university and the challenges they will face there. For example, discussion of addictive substances may consider the pressures that pupils may face in their first few weeks of university. Likewise, they will explore how to apply for jobs and manage their finances to ensure that they are fully equipped for life beyond school.' 


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